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The Dangers and Hazards of Flooding

Do you have a plan for what happens after a natural disaster?

Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas have many flood risks

Because we aren’t located in a coastal town, you might think your home is safe from flooding. However, while storm surges might not be an immediate concern, our local bodies of water still pose a danger. As recently as 2018, natural disasters such as Hurricane Florence have brought severe water damage in Charlotte, NC, and cleanup is an ongoing process.

Fort Mill and the surrounding areas, such as Charlotte and Tega Cay, are known for their rivers and lakes. To name a few, we’ve got:

  • The Catawba River
  • Lake Wylie
  • Lake Norman
  • Mountain Island Lake
  • Lake Wateree
  • Cane Creek

These bodies of water are known for their recreational activities, popular with boaters, swimmers, and fishermen alike, but the inherent risk of flooding cannot be ignored—especially if you live in or near a flood zone.

What to Expect After a Flood

Some damage won’t be readily visible to the naked eye

Water Damage in Fort Mill is a very real concern.  The Fort Mill area is susceptible to flash flooding, and—unless you live on an exceptionally large hill—your home and property could be in the danger zone. Aside from potentially stranding you in an unsafe location, floods pose an extreme risk to the safety and value of your property. Some of the consequences you might face include:

  • Structural damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Hidden dangers, such as sharp glass and metal
  • Sanitary hazards associated with standing water
  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Overloaded drainage or sewage systems, possibly leading to backups

As the floodwaters recede and your home or property dries out, you’ll likely have to deal with a festering mold problem. Everything touched by water will have to go—wooden floors, drywall, and more. Depending on the severity of the flood, you might feel like there’s no hope left for your home.

That’s where we come in.

Address the Damage With Professional Restoration

We’ll help you repair your home and property after a flood

In the event of a flood, the most important thing is that you get yourself, your family, and any pets to safety. After the water levels return to normal, we can help you assess the damage and create a plan for restoration. Flood and water damage can wreak havoc on large structures, but we’re here to make sure your house gets back to feeling like home.

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