Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC

When you stop and think about it, disaster never strikes at an appropriate time. This was certainly the case for those states affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in 2017, which brought a new level of devastation to property owners. If you are a homeowner in the area of Charlotte, NC, with damage to your home from a fire, you might need a reliable provider of full restoration services, and that’s why many locals choose Contents Mobile Restoration (CMR).

Comprehensive Fire Restoration

As a homeowner searching for Fire Damage Restoration, it’s important to be careful what kind of company that you will hire. Some companies will rush to rip out a lot of a home’s existing materials (including wallboard, carpet, flooring, and fixtures) because it’s easier to replace than to repair. For some aspects of your home, it is more cost-effective to replace fire-damaged contents and internal structures and finishings. For other aspects of your home, it’s wise to get full cleanup and restoration services and to resist wasting money on purchasing new materials.

Full Fire Damage Cleanup

When we explain how we go about our fire damage cleaning services, we are quick to explain that there is a multi-step process. We are using the trusted equipment that is specially designed to remove the effects of fire and smoke damage in your home in each of the following steps:

  1. Contact your emergency responders and get the fire/smoke put out. This should be only after you have focused on evacuating people and pets from the building.
  2. Contact your emergency restoration company. We are able to come in using our mobile services model and help you as soon as the authorities say that it is safe to walk around the damaged site.
  3. Complete a full inspection and assess the damage caused by fire and smoke. We err on the side of caution by noting everything that we can see and by referring to possible damage that we cannot see.
  4. Stop the damage from spreading. If a fire has caused damage to the roof and/or windows of the home, we can work hard to immediately board up and cover with tarps any areas that would sustain more damage.
  5. Remove excess water. This is only if there is water damage. We can’t begin to restore a home until everything is dried out and fully inspected for salvageability.
  6. Remove smoke and soot from every surface in the home. Fires can cause visible damage, such as darkened surfaces, but there is also the potential for odors that resulted from smoke penetrating the home’s porous materials. This can include hard-to-reach spaces such as attics, crawl spaces, basements, and AC ducts.
  7. Comprehensive cleaning and repair services. This is the point at which all materials that were not restorable get removed. We pay attention to the details of this step because we don’t want to create problems for future occupants.

Hope is in the Air

Just because your home has sustained fire or smoke damage that you were not anticipating, you are not alone. There is hope that we can effectively fix the remaining materials inside the home and clean them according to industry standards. We will also communicate with you about any materials or aspects of the home that we cannot clean or repair. This may be several times after we have completed our initial assessment of the home’s fire damage. We aren’t here to charge you any more for our cleanup, removal, or restoration services resulting from fire and smoke damage than is reasonable. Just ask for a free quote today and we will help you to understand how long it takes to complete this difficult process.