Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Flooding, leaky pipes, burst pipes. All lead to water damage that might completely destroy your home or business. The fact is that water is a very destructive and powerful force that could easily wreck havoc with your property. Therefore, immediate action is vital to saving your property. We are a professional water damage restoration company. If you experience a flood or any type of water damage, contact our water damage restoration Charlotte NC office for immediate service. Our team will arrive promptly at your location and begin the drying out process and water damage repair.

Water Restoration Services

Here is something to note. We are a professional water restoration company with plenty of experience in the business. We provide around the clock emergency service to our customers. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge, skills, tools, and equipment to tackle any size water damage disaster. We take pride in our ability to handle any size water damage emergency. We are a trusted and very reliable company that you can depend on to get the water damage cleanup done the right way, the first time.

Why Choose Contents Mobile Restoration?

Water is a very destructive force that could easily wipe out your entire property in a matter of moments. Therefore, it is vital to address the flooding issue quickly, before more property loss occurs. Our company will promptly respond to your service call. Thus, limiting the damage to your building and personal property. The fact is that you cannot go wrong by selecting our company. We specialize in water removal, flood cleanup, and complete flood damage restoration. Our team is highly trained and they have plenty of experience in water damage cleanup to water damage repair.

Water Damage Restoration Experts

We’ve been around long enough to experience just about every type of water damage imaginable. Water damage takes many forms. For example, from a broken pipe, leaks, water surge, overflow, basement flooding, condensation, and natural disaster flooding. A prompt response by our company to the damage is always the best course of action to save your building and your personal belongings. Drying out the water is an essential step to prevent further damage to furniture, carpets, the electrical system, and more. Our skilled water damage technicians will closely monitor and document the entire process.

The Restoration Process

It is vital for you to get the ball rolling by contacting our emergency number any time of the day or night. We will quickly dispatch our skilled technicians to your location. We firmly believe that immediate action is vital in saving your property and preventing more damage. It’s also vital that you supply our customer service representative with as much detail as possible about the water damage to your property. This should supply us with enough information to determine the right way to respond to the situation. Here is more:

  • Inspection – Our technicians will arrive at your location and perform a detailed inspection of the situation to further determine the correct response.
  • Water Extraction – Our technicians provide a complete removal of the water to prevent further damage to the property and prevent the introduction of mold into the environment.
  • Drying – We will use our equipment to completely remove the water out of the structure and prevent further damage.
  • Cleaning – Our technicians will sanitize and clean the structure of the building and all that is contained within the property
  • Restoration – Our technicians will use their skills and experience with flood damage to quickly return your property to its previous condition, before the flooding.